Information about Phoenixville Model, Actor, & Influencer Photography

Fox & Brazen can advise which Photography Collection will be the most suitable to capture your vision. Check out the types of photography we can incorporate into our time together.

Our goal is to provide a variety of images for you to express your personal brand for advertising and social media usage. We'll finesse your expression, pose, attire, and camera connection to achieve the most perfect version of you to promote yourself!

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania is located in Chester County about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia and a quick fifteen minute drive from King of Prussia. West Chester is less than 20 miles with a straight shot down route 202 to our great town of Phoenixville. Phoenixville is located 5 minutes down the road from Valley Forge and is easily accessible from many major roads.

Final gallery accessible via online

Customizable sessions for the tailored experience

Interior and exterior setups for backdrops

Ability to view and select your photos during your session

Location on trendy Bridge Street in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Commercial use license for all digital files for ultimate control over self promotion

Expression and posing guidance finesse from your photographer

A private studio experience or setup on location for lifestyle

Easy online booking

Our influencer and self-branding sessions are designed for the ease of self-promotion. Fox & Brazen knows your personal brand is important to you. Our sessions all include:

Fox & Brazen's Model, Actor, influencer Experience

Before you leave our studio (or soon after online) you'll select your final headshots from the lightly retouched images in the online gallery. Once selected, we'll do a final retouch on the images and send the link for a digital download.

Step 3

Enjoy a completely personalized and private visit to our studio in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.
Select the perfect backdrop(s) to represent you and your brand! We'll take care of posing you and coaching your expression.

Step 2

Click the button below to book your appointment online! Check our our online scheduling system for availability. We have a limited number of sessions available per week. 

Appointments only. No lines. No waiting.

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Online Scheduling, Popular Collections, Easy Peasy

How to Book

Once you arrive to our studio for your session, we encourage you to make the space your own. Our dreamy 14 foot ceilings in our historic building on Bridge Street in Phoenixville provide an extraordinary space to create and be pampered in the hustle and bustle of the day. Bring your own playlist to personalize the mood. We also offer plenty of space for hair & makeup to setup on site and we boast a big comfy couch for guests, managers, and friends to accompany you during your session.

Our Phoenixville photography studio is conveniently located about 25 miles outside of Philadelphia in Chester county. Phoenixville has an exit right off the Pennsylvania turnpike and is a hop, skip, and a jump from Valley Forge National Historical Park and the King of Prussia Mall. Our amazing small town vibe makes it perfect for a quick stop for your session or an extended afternoon outing to spend the day in our small business community.

All sessions are by appointment only. We want to create an open dialogue with your final vision and goals in mind for the session. We want to make the vision for your professional images a reality, so we can setup a pre-session appointment to chat backgrounds, ideas, and outfits. Fox & Brazen is here to provide a space for you to be seen, heard, and photographed as your essential self.

Let's work together to bring out the most authentic version of your brand for self promotion in your industry. We've worked with influencers, actors, musicians, models, and other creatives to further their individual brands through imagery.  Our spacious studio is 1350 square feet of open photography space to create the perfect environment for your photography experience in downtown Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.


Promoting You - An Experience

Studio & Phoenixville

The Callback, Elevation, and Creator Collections include photography studio time, digitals, and the most popular options in our personal branding experiences. Add-on's available of course to individualize the experience, but these collections are designed to be all inclusive!

Pre-designed Collections

Most Popular!

Professional hair & makeup NOT included

Client MUST come camera ready

Inside our Studio - waist up
Outside on Bridge Street

Choose one option:

Approximately a 30 Minute Experience

Includes 2 Retouched Digital File with Commercial Use License


Callback Collection

Professional hair & makeup NOT included

Client MUST come camera ready

Inside our Studio - waist up
Inside our Studio - full length
Outside on Bridge Street 

Take advantage of any three setup options:

Approximately a 60 Minute Experience

Includes 5 Retouched Digital Files with Commercial Use License



Includes Professional Hair & Makeup or barber services for one person

Inside our Studio - waist up
Inside our Studio - full length
Outside on Bridge Street 

Take advantage of any three setup options:

Up to 4 Hour

Includes 10 Retouched Digital Files with Commercial Use License


Creator Collection

Design your Own Personal Branding Experience!

Encore Collection

Starting at $175

Add On:
Unlimited studio time 
Unlimited looks, colors, backdrops & wardrobes 
EXACT number of digital files to convey your brand
Hair & Makeup or Beauty Services

Choose an a-la-carte experience allows you to be the boss of your headshot experience. Add-ons include studio time, backdrops, digital files, hair and makeup, on location concierge service, wall art, and more!

Take control of your image and experience. Design your own branding experience and walkaway with EXACTLY what you need for success in your genre!

Studio Time

Additional digitals with commerical-use license


Outdoor time

Priority 24h Delivery

Hair & Make-up

Your brand your way. Add-on to any of our pre-designed collections or the Encore collection to make your own custom experience!

Popular influencer session add-ons

Where to Start Branding Yourself

It may feel overwhelming to step out of your comfort zone and schedule a photo session for your self promotion or business promotion, but we are here as a photography guide to assist you on this new venture! A photo session with Fox & Brazen is the perfect starting point to tackle creating content for your personal brand as it gives multiple options for self promotion on your website, social media, and media kits.

It's okay to start small, but keep in mind, you will continuously need updated content that reflects the current market and your current self. Budgeting for repeat photography sessions to have new content is a healthy step in generating your personal marketing materials.

Your personal branding content is a direct reflection of your professionalism. Aspiring to do great things? Showcase through your images how motivated you are to succeed in your medium. Standing appointments available for our clients at our Phoenixville photography studio on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual basis depending on your personal branding needs.

Influencer Branding
One post a day (at the very least) is part of the key to influencer marketing. This means you'll need a steady stream of content to showcase on your platforms. Sharing high quality content with followers is key to success on many social media platforms.

Model Branding
Expand your portfolio by including a variety of styles of images to showcase your versatility. Constant new content for social media is a proven way to expand your following and become more discoverable.

Actor Branding
Make sure your headshots reflect the different roles you're aspiring to play. A great mix of color and black and white is appropriate too depending on the type of acting roles you're seeking. Having a variety of images at your disposable for both social media marketing and auditions is crucial. Audition headshots should be updated every 12-18 months.

Creative Branding
Well thought out images that represent your unique talent are an incredible investment in your career and longevity as an artist.

Executive Branding
Connection. Community. Creativity. What differentiates you from others in your industry? Showcase your C- suite status with an online presence that showcases your public and professional image.  Having a powerful online persona will help attract talent and expand your professional business opportunities.

Dating Apps, Social Media Professional Photography
Authentically you shown in the best light. Step up your game with professional images for your online dating profiles and social media profiles. It's important your personality shines through and showcase you as your most incredible self and bring the attention back to you.

Set Yourself up for SuCcess for Your Self Branding Session

Self Branding & Influencer branding Guide

influencer branding

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Stand out from the pack with professional personal branding images from Fox & Brazen Photography. Check out our gallery to see some ideas! We will create a unique headshot or business branding image for you specifically for your business goals.

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Color Correction • PhotosHop Magic • Cropping • Lifetime of Knowledge


All photo finishing work is done in house by Jen. Every single delivered image from your event or session is adjusted using Adobe Lightroom and, if needed, your image is finished in Photoshop. 

Great photo finishing always starts with getting it right in camera

Love seeing before and afters? Click here to go to our About page to see some more retouching wizardry!


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